Residential Interior

Bathroom Renovation

Elmhurst, IL Renovating suburban bi-levels can be challenging however a good designer and motivated client can get the job done successfully. In this project a 1950’s era top level bathroom was gutted and the ceiling joists eliminated to create a vaulted ceiling without disrupting the roof rafters. A light well was added to capture southern...


Full Motion Racing

San Diego, CA. Full Motion Racing is a racing simulator concept utilizing proprietary software technology to give users the most unique racing simulation experience possible. The technicians and programmers at Full Motion Racing developed an ultra realistic graphics program that integrates with pneumatic piston driven race car simulators to mimic the feeling of acceleration, deceleration...


Medical Office

Chicago, IL Renovation of antiquated nursing unit floor to comply with modern regulations concerning patient privacy laws and a general upgrade in appearance. The design centralizes the nursing station between 2 wings and allows for modern communication, monitoring and dispensing from a central location on the floor.

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Lakeview Health Club

Chicago, IL This project converted a floor with 22 small hotel rooms into a clean and modern workout space for a northside health club. Working on a fixed budget meant no structural alterations to the building however extensive upgrades were made to the mechanical and plumbing systems in order to modernize this facility.


The Nelsen Algren Fountain

Chicago, IL 2008 Entry into the Nelson Algren Fountain Cover contest in Wicker Park, Chicago. This project was selected as a finalist for construction of a winter protection scheme for the fountain and as a way to reinvigorate the square around the fountain during the winter months.


St. Paul’s Church Renovation

Rakvere, Estonia This proposal was part of an international competition to reuse a church structure in the town of Rakvere, Estonia. The structure was the last church built before the iron curtain fell over eastern Europe and was crudely turned into a gymnasium for the better part of the last 50 years. The proposed intervention...