Chicago Masonry Architect

Chicago Condominium Building

New construction 8 unit masonry condominium building in Chicago’s Taylor Street, Little Italy, University Village neighborhood across from Ariggo Square Park. The new construction uses elements from the surrounding 19th century facades incorporating limestone lintels, tall windows and varying depths of the masonry facade while also expressing more contemporary clean lines and verticality from the street. The 8 units are generously sized three bedroom units over 1,500 square feet each with additional outdoor spaces and indoor parking hidden from street view. This project replaced a much loved but sadly structurally unsound and deteriorating masonry farmhouse from the post Chicago fire years and hopes to fill a void left by the farmhouse’s ultimate demolition.

Chicago Architect Condo

Chicago new construction Architect designed condominium building

West side University Village Kitchen

Modern kitchen in Chicago condo near west side

Near West Side kitchen and living room

Chicago condo new kitchen living room

University Village Master Bathroom

Architect designed master bathroom Chicago Near West Side