Mark Olson is a LEED AP, Illinois licensed Architect serving the Chicagoland area. With 15 years design and construction experience in residential, retail, commercial and international markets Mark Olson is a well rounded designer who can help you navigate the complexities of design and construction for multiple types of projects. With Olson the client’s goal becomes reality . Mark Olson’s experience includes;

1994-2000 M.E. Olson Construction Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Structural construction
2001-2003 Loebl Schlossman & Hackl Health Care & International Mixed Use Architectural
2004-2006 Pappageorge / Haymes Multi Family Residential Architecture
2006-2010 Weiss Architects Multi Family Residential, Commercial and Institutional Architecture

2008 Finalist for the Nelson Algren Fountain Competition
2009 Peru Housing Competition
2006 IAAC International Green Home Competition
2006 MAPA Gross Point Public Library Competition

The success of any project is in the details and should start with helping the client realize their vision, budget, timeline and execution. Having a background in both design and construction Mark Olson is uniquely qualified to see your project to successful completion through a balanced approach weighing comfortable and clean design with budgetary realities. Olson helps clients pick what part of their vision is most important to their needs, helps you navigate the common pitfalls any project might face and designs accordingly. In the end it must get built and it must get built correctly – Olson will get it there.

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