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Chicago Condominium Building

Chicago Masonry Architect

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Boutique Retail

Skin Care Salon

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Barcelona Tower Competition

Barcelona, Spain Proposed precast concrete tower in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain directly across from the Plaza del MACBA serving as a youth hostel. The tower introduces a series of voids and projections in order to create a textured facade whereby inhabitants can commingle along the cliff like exterior. The precast panels are arranged […]

Home Addition

Du Page County, IL. Home addition in Glen Ellyn where a traditional four square is added onto with craftsmen style touches and traditional masonry details. The build allowed for an additional 800 square feet to be added almost seamlessly with the existing house and roof line. The addition makes use of a transitional mud room […]

Modern Bathroom Renovation

Chicago, IL Modern bathroom renovation in Chicago, IL. The ceiling was raised into the attic space to create a vault and a sliding glass wall added to separate the bathroom from the master bedroom to create a true master suite. Linear wall tiles and a continuous, custom built lavatory continue through the glass to increase […]

Urban Renewal Townhomes

Elgin, IL This project is a multifamily project which reclaimed former Industrial land along a major river in a former mill town outside of Chicago. Long vacant these parcels sat idle along an active riverfront near an attractive cluster of historic commercial structures and stately masonry warehouse buildings being actively redapted for retail and commercial […]